Friday, January 4, 2013

Disney on Ice

Grandpa Rees surprised us with tickets to Disney on Ice a few days after Christmas.  The kids had a blast watching it from the suite.  After he treated us to a lunch at Fudderucker's.  All in all, it was a great day creating memories! 

Grandma Nana's Christmas Eve

Grandma Nana decided to do Christmas Eve early this year. We went up beyond Oak Glen to a ranch and had a hay ride, which we picked up Santa on the way, cookies, hot chocolate, sang Christmas carols, picked apples and opened our Christmas jammies.  After wards we went to a pizza place for 2 3 feet pizzas and games.  The kids had a blast and the adults enjoyed the scenery and company!


Here is the much awaited Santa visit.  We have reached the half way point.  Half are excited to see him and the other half can't wait until it is over!  I'm just grateful they all are good sports and still make an effort to make mom happy!

Christmas play

One of Allison's friends loves to organize plays.  They did one at Halloween time and another for Christmas. The girls have such a fun time and it really is quite a production!

Grinch style Christmas

Allison and her friend wanted to have a Christmas party and invite a few of her friends.  I decided that I needed to let go of my craziness and let her have a party.  So a planning we went.  The theme: Grinch.  The food: well, green eggs and ham, of course.  With green grapes, hot cocoa, green punch and who hash.  They made Grinch ornaments out of light bulbs, had races to see who could undecorate the tree the fastest and had a present relay race n sleds.  We sent them off with their very own Grinch pills.  All in all, I think the girls had a blast and I had fun letting go of my "to do" list for one morning!

 The ornament turned out so cute.  I just wish I had snapped a picture of the finished product.  We had white  feathery fluff around the top with a ribbon hook to hang on the tree.

Christmas Outings

We've had some fun Christmas outings.  A friend and I took the kids out to Bass Pro Shops in an effort to visit Santa.  The wait was about 2 1/2 hours, so we walked around the store and did some of their activities and then left.  The kids had fun, with a promise to see Santa at a later date!

My little cuties decided they wanted to have hot chocolate stand, so we packed it all up and went down to the bottom of our street.  They got a lesson, first hand, about generosity.  They were amazed that people would give them more than enough money for their cup of hot chocolate and not want their change back.  Overall they had a blast and earned enough money to split and go Christmas shopping for the siblings name they drew.  Definitely one of my favorite activities we did this month!  

Kid's will be kid's

In case you're wondering what happens when your children get a hold of the camera, I'm going to give you a sneak preview.

 I'm sure one day he'll be so embarrassed that I have documented this, but for now I'm loving it!